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Project Description

Are you looking to increase your value? Do you have a good eye and steady hand? Do you want to increase your income?  This may be the career you have been looking for!

This training will help students to learn how to apply eyelash extensions in just 14 hours.  Students will receive a Training Certificate upon completion of required class hours as well as application of a full set of lashes on a live model!

This is a Two-Day Certificate Course.

CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED TO 9 STUDENTS.This class has been designed fo​r Esthetics and/or cosmetology students, licensed Estheticians, or licensed cosmetologists ONLY.

A Full Lash Kit is included in the cost of this course. It has everything you need to get started immediately!

Course Summary

  • Master the Eyelash Lashes Technique for Applying Individual Eyelash Extensions
  • Become a Certified Eyelash Extension Specialist
  • Increase Your Earnings and Per-Client Revenue

Hands On workshop includes:
Training Kit
Proper Application
Proper Removal
Safety & Sanitation
Pre & Post Client Care
Mannequin & Live Model

Why add eyelash extension to your skill-set?
The lash extension business has experienced a nationwide explosion onto the beauty services scene. The desire for beautiful, glamorous lashes has not only swept celebrity trafficked red carpets but is also sweeping the salons, spas and makeup studios worldwide. Demand for these luscious lashes has skyrocketed—increasing over 500% in one year, making lash extensions the fastest growing, and most profitable market segment in the beauty industry.

  • Executives at Spa Week 2010 predicted lash extensions as the 4th Hottest Spa Trend
  • Women’s Wear Daily reported last March that the false-eyelash industry is the only booming beauty service in this still-slumping economy—sales increased 6.2% to $44 million for the year.
  • Day Spa Magazines reported in June 2010 that spas are adding this specialty service to their menus at breakneck speeds, and clients—from trendsetting celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Megan Fox to regular women everywhere—are lining up. Even as business owners are seeing their profits shrink from traditional services they’re making money with eyelash extensions.
  • Lash extensions require monthly touch-ups guaranteeing a steady stream of repeat clients.