1. What is an aesthetician?
    As a professional you will learn about beautifying the skin, facials, skin analysis,make up artistry, waxing and exfoliation services.
  2. What qualities are needed to become an aesthetican?
    You should be able to work well with your hands with good dexterity. Able to work one on one with your client.  Become knowledgeable about current skin care trends and client skin care needs.
  3. How do I become an aesthetician?
    You will need to complete a specialized training program that consist of textbook, lectures and practical application.  Once you have completed class study you will be required to take a state licensing exam which you will need to pass to obtain your license.
  4. Aestheticians Career Options?
    Becoming an aesthetician opens the door to many carer paths. From working in a salon/spa, makeup artistry, marketing/sales, or even a move into the medical arena with advanced training.
  5. What is the average pay of an aesthetician ?
    Bureau of Labor Statistics (2015) stated the average annual salary of $28,640.  This does not take into consideration tips.  Also many aestheticians work part time so with increased education and hours the base salary will greatly be increased.
  6. What does the future job demand look like?
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in April 2015 that an 40% growth in aesthetics jobs are anticipated by 2022 faster then the average for all careers.  Also the spa industry grew 4.5% faster then the US economy.